Heli Air Monaco

About Heli Air Monaco

Heli Air Monaco is the flag carrier of Monaco. Heli Air Monaco was founded in 1976 with the support of Prince Rainier III, and began operations from the Monaco Heliport, located in the Fontvieille quarter of Monaco, from where it now operates regular shuttle services between Monaco Heliport and Nice Airport (an average 24 transfers a day), and offers on request flights from Monaco and Nice to other European destinations including the Alps,Corsica, the French Riviera, Italy and Switzerland. Initial services were operated with a single Enstrom F-28 helicopter, and in the first year of operations the airline flew 747 passengers. In order to meet demand a Bell 206 JetRanger was acquired in 1976, and by 1980 15,237 passengers had been carried. A free shuttle service in Monaco was introduced in 1983, a year in which 39,673 passengers were carried. A Eurocopter Dauphin was added to the fleet in 1991, joining a fleet made up of six Eurocopter AS350s and a Bell 206 JetRanger. The number of passengers carried in 1991 increased to some 94,300. 2000 saw the airline carrying 103,000 passengers and passing the 1,500,000 passengers carried mark.

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