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Why do you need a Visa?

Visa is an official endorsement which is placed on the passport that grants theholder of the passport an official entry, exit or stay in the country for the specifiedtime granted. The validity of a visa can be either single or multiple dependingon the country you are traveling. Visa is important for security, economic and regulatorypurpose. Majority of the cases comprise of visa which is affixed or rubber stampedin the passport. But at times, it is also issued on a separate paper. Most countriesnow provide electronic visa. Some countries require a visa application before enteringa country, whereas some grant visas on arrival. Interview and medical screeningin a must before to applying visa for some countries.
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There are many different types of visas, some of them are:
  • Diplomat
  • Tourist
  • Transit
  • Business
  • Student
  • Work
  • Working Holiday
  • Religious Pilgrimage
  • Immigrant